Let me tell you a little about myself, I live in Modesto California and I started breeding cockatiels in 1988

  when white face cockatiels were still rare. My passion for rare birds grew as years past.  Since then I have

  bred Silvers,Fallows,Yellow Face,Dominant Silvers,Pastels, and Olives.  

  In 1995 I bought my first pair of Lady Gouldians and I immediately fell in love with them. Their beautiful

  colors and the challenge ofbreeding them is what kept me interested in these birds. Since then Ihave

bred every mutation possible. In 2005 I got rid of all my cockatiels. Now I breed Gouldians, Pacific Parrotlets,

  and recently started breeding Spanish Timbrado Canaries, Cuban Melodious Finch, Red Head Parrot Finch,

  Purple Grenadier, Peter's Twinspots and Green Back Twinspots

M&M Aviaries l  Cell: 209-404-3025

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