Let me tell you a little about myself, I live in Modesto California and I started breeding cockatiels in 1988

  when white face cockatiels were still rare. My passion for rare birds grew as years passed.  Since then I have

  bred Silvers,Fallows,Yellow Face,Dominant Silvers,Pastels, and Olives.  

  In 1995 I bought my first pair of Lady Gouldians and I immediately fell in love with them. Their beautiful

  colors and the challenge of breeding them is what kept me interested in these birds. Since then I have

bred every mutation possible. In 2005 I got rid of all my cockatiels and now I breed Gouldians, Pacific Parrotlets,

  and recently started breeding Spanish Timbrado Canaries, Cuban Melodious Finch, Red Head Parrot Finch,

  Purple Grenadier, Peter's Twinspots and Green Back Twinspots

M&M Aviaries l  Cell: 209-404-3025

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